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in the continuing confounding genius of the Royal Trux legacy, neil michael hagerty assembled the cast of the 1988 Royal Trux lineup - literally a cast, other people he’s met recently that resembled the 1988 lineup, to perform their notoriously difficult and drugged out album (and that’s picking from a catalog of albums that can all kinda fit that description), twin infinitives. (he even had an 18 year old girl he met in LA play the role of jennifer herrema, as well as an electronics guy and a ‘stoner’ on 2nd gtr).

if i had to guess, part of this is Neil spitting in the face of the whole reunite/play your most popular album cash grab move that EVERY broken up band has now seemingly done. “franchising” the band is a hilarious concept that neil and jennifer have both talked about in interviews the past week, and by playing a close approximation of what twin infinitives would sound like with surrogate members (again, playing their most notoriously difficult and skronked out wreck of an album) , the show was actually the antithesis of a reunion on purpose - not only were the other members not there, but the twin infinitives material was hardly even played live 20 years ago… (and they did a pretty damn good job last night…)

neil even announced the title of each song before they played it, and counted off the end of each one - “ONE TWO THREE FOUR” - in as close recreations of what these mini-disaster songs could sound like live. no surprises, but that’s the point. and also very uncharacteristic for a guy who’s known to frequently play only brand new material live and has continously said in interviews that he’ll never reunite the original trux lineup. but when you think about it, it makes sense.

and jennifer, the only other member of royal trux, is cool with this! i interviewed her on thursday and she told me that neil requested that she not even attend (she was in new york and flew out earlier the day of the show) for it to fulfill the wacko concept, and also requested that she eventually do a west coast accelerator show without HIM - and that he even transcribed the music for he so she could do it! (she also mentioned that she’s toured with a neil replacement before in japan, and since it was over there nobody knew the difference anyway).

may the Trux be with you. (above is “NY avenue bridge” with neil singing it instead of the jennifer replacement)

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